Proust Project #3 : Michael Pybus, Imagine Forever

16/09/2014 - 31/10/2014

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Today is a new beginning. Forever is now and thanks to Pattinson / Pybus we can


Proust Questionnaire: Michael Pybus, 11/09/2014

Your favorite virtue?
Your favorite qualities in a man?
Not sure – what’s great in one man could be terrible in another. It all depends on the person.
Your favorite qualities in a woman?
Same for women too!
Your main fault?
My mortality.
Your favourite occupation?
Your idea of happiness?
Knowing my family are alive and well.
If not yourself, who would you be?
Nobody. Nothing. Never existed.
For what fault have you most toleration?
Being insecure.
What is your present state of mind?
A bit overwhelmed.
Your favorite motto?
Just do it.

Curator’s statement:

As the world becomes more and more fluid, and surrounding reality breaks down, we realized that what most defines us is our path; the intellectual research project around which, without compromise, we have collected evidence of a historical moment of transition towards a ‘post-gallery’ future.

The need for a physical space in which to organize exhibitions, more and more, seems to be dictated by business needs, rather than expressive and communicative ones.

Contemporary society is plagued by an endemic lack of time, which seems to be absorbed by the proliferation of social chores of the porous digital world, now polluted by the maze of commercial systems typical of post-consumerist society.
It seems that the time to visit art galleries had been lost, just as it appears that somehow the pleasure of socialising has been lost, undermining the relationship of trust between dealer and collector.
More and more, we have tried to overcome this weakening of the function of the gallery as a promoter of cultural content, replacing the brand value of the single art gallery with the one of international trade fairs. But also, with art fairs multiplying themselves according to purely commercial strategies, this seems to deny their identity, producing aesthetic messages lost in the flow of information bouncing from a tablet computer to a mobile device.
We are facing a moment of profound uncertainty in which it is necessary to bring out new tools of interpretation to answer the primordial instinct of self-knowledge, an attempt to reclaim the shared value of our own time.
Gloria Maria Gallery is pleased to present the Proust Project, a series of online exhibitions curated by Gloria Maria Cappelletti and Fabrizio Meris, devoted to talents never before presented in an institutional context in Italy and emerging strictly through a process of research in the digital online field.
The artistic research that emanates from tools like Instagram, Tumblr, Vine and SnapChat has rendered outmoded the categories of interpretation of art that have been relevant so far – such as age, gender, social class, geographical and political spectrum – uprooting academic axioms that now seem obsolete and anachronistic.
Each exhibition, which will be presented in the form of a still image from 3D rendering, a photo gallery, a digital video, or a fragment of the timeline of facebook, will be accompanied by the artist’s responses to the famous Proust Questionnaire.