The (OOO) Project_3 Objects and the Arts

26/06/2016 - 27/07/2016

The (OOO) Project

(Out Of Office)  (Object Oriented Ontology)

The (OOO) Project_3: Graham Harman: Objects and the Arts

The (OOO) Project is a series of lectures by contemporary philosophy researchers, selected by Gloria Maria Gallery, that aim to provide a thorough introduction to questioning objects, ontology, human, post-human, post-capitalism and art.

Contemporary American philosopher Graham Harman, the leading figure associated with the metaphysical movement object-oriented ontology, delivers his lecture Objects and the Arts.

In this lecture the founder of object-oriented philosophy will discuss the implications of this philosophy for the arts. After explaining why objects are withheld from all direct access, and explaining further that the arts have always been under pressure to recognise this fact, Harman will develop further the relation between philosophy and the arts demonstrated in his Documenta 13 catalogue essay The Third Table.