The (OOO) Project_4 Matthew Ritchie, Frederik Stjernfelt, Kenneth Rogers

29/07/2016 - 10/09/2016

The (OOO) Project: (Out Of Office)  (Object Oriented Ontology)

The (OOO) Project_4: Matthew Ritchie, Frederik Stjernfelt, Kenneth Rogers

The (OOO) Project is a series of lectures by contemporary philosophy researchers, selected by Gloria Maria Gallery, that aim to provide a thorough introduction to questioning objects, ontology, human, post-human, post-capitalism and art.
For our 4th project we choose to present: “Temptation of the Diagram: Matthew Ritchie, Frederik Stjernfelt, & Kenneth Rogers”

Mellon Visiting Artist & Thinker Program | Conversation
Recorded: Mar 14, 2014

In the third and final segment of artist Matthew Ritchie’s Mellon projects, he and Frederik Stjernfelt, author of Diagrammatology, together with Kenneth Rogers will examine art historical and political concepts of mutuality particularly through the emerging culture of diagrams embodied in hypostatic abstraction in Stjernfelt’s work; in the definitions of computational space discussed with Albert Laszlo Barabasi and the series of philosophical diagrams produced by Ritchie based on Graham Harman’s work.

For his Mellon Visiting Artists Project, Matthew Ritchie has organized public workshops to examine how we can extend understanding and newly emerging dimensions in the shared space of culture.

If every image in history can be seen at once, if every idea can be communicated, rebutted and digitally reformatted, if every space can host any form of presence, if it is truly a time for everything, then how do we address all that information? To navigate this new environment, we need new ways of thinking about the relationship between time, space and the developing culture of images for audiences and artists alike.