Jerry Kamitaki, Drawing

04/09/2012 - 25/10/2012

Gloria Maria Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of American artist Jerry Kamitaki, in Milan.

In this “Drawing” installation only the simplest geometric forms are used. Kamitaki’s drawing does not describe the visual world and radically simplifies the content so that his point of view disappears and the relationship between the viewer and the drawing becomes vital to realizing that something is a work of art. It is a type of art that challenges the viewer.

Kamitaki’s work can be best understood when whatever information or whatever aesthetic value becomes responsability of the viewer. It is not so much the artist being responsible to inform the viewer. Kamitaki is just presenting a situation, a drawing as a linear description.  This is the reason why the artist refers to his drawing as an incident. Each installation can change and each context can be different. But the drawings, the elements themselves are always the same. The influence of the surrounding situation becomes crucial as the viewer is approaching the work.

Moreover personal emotional dispositions are not necessarly reconignized in the work that is produced. But this personal aspect can be discovered. Again, the responsability is with the viewer, who can achieve a sort of momentary connection with the artist and the work itself.

For Kamitaki drawing is spontaneous, an immidiate kind of emotion never finished. The work is always open ended without any sort of conclusion. The choice and final responsibility is with the viewer. The artist’s role is just to present the work but the viewers are reading the information by themselves and there is a lot of intuition as a visual result.

Kamitaki’s drawings are of monochromatic measured and cut tempered masonite or ply veneer modules left untreated, clay coated; narrating a moment of grouped elements, visual geometry and contours of a single incident, with emphasis on content, not form, in a repetitive linear vertical pattern.

Kamitaki is currently living and working in New York.

Jerry Kamitaki, Drawing

Jerry Kamitaki, Drawing