W-E-T.NET questionnaire online

16/02/2015 - 25/03/2015

W.E.T. is a multi-media exploration of the impact of climate change.
Please visit the digital iteration of the project  www.w-e-t.net and fill the questionnaire for digital feedback.The project looks at the emotional and social realities of a future in the throws extreme global warming.
Set in a floating world, where water has replaced land as humanities habitat we meet members of future communities and see the impact of global warming in a new way.The project is split into 2 phases :Phase 1 – A questionnaire distributed through w-e-t.net and during an installation at The House of St Barnabas in 2014.
The questionnaire asks participants to consider the social, emotional and political impacts of living in this way; what do we decorate? where do we get lost ? do we share parenting responsibilities ?Both physical installation and online spaces use a variety of mediums to encourage free thinking from participants moving away from exhausted stereotypical dis/utopian versions of the future.

Installation at The House of St. Barnabus in June 2014 was supported with sound from Gigantia and Actress of WerkHaus Ltd.

W-e-t.net will serve as the digital home for the project, an ever accessible home for the questionnaire and associated responses. Bringing this resource online aims to open the pool of imagination on the topic out to as many different kinds of hearts and minds as possible. Using abstraction and romance to as opposed to logic and fact in order to move away from the kind of less emotionally open and honest voices who make up most of the decisions about our collective reality.

Phase 2 – The information collected in the forms of Phase 1 serve as research and inspiration in to the way this new world and the new communities that inhabit it are created.

These will take the form of moving image and physical works and will be shown at SPAZIO RIDOTTO Venice. Placing the works in this space seeks to question the traditions of commerce that Venice is born out of.

A community, that like that those in W.E.T., is based on water – but one who’s decisions and structure are born out of a thoroughly top-down approach with a small numbers of an educated elite controlling the lives of all those beneath them.

In an age where digital connection offers a hope of ‘equality’ to us would this community be different ? and with this cultural shift in mind do our hopes and expectations for this future go beyond the walls of commerce and place us more thoroughly in touch with each other and our place in the wider eco-system ?

w-e-t.net will be live from Monday 16th February with use and feedback encouraged through out the spring as well as taking a home on Instagram where responses and questions will be posted and disseminated using the image / emotion heavy platform. Digital feedback from both spaces will feed into the physical show which opens 25th March.