Brenna Murphy, vehicle~corridor

10/04/2014 - 23/05/2014

Gloria Maria Gallery is pleased to announce a new online exhibition by Portland-based artist Brenna Murphy.

Described by the New Museum as a “highly original and interdisciplinary artist”, Murphy constructs pathways for meditative mental processing.  She defines her practice as “making models of reality using digital tools to manipulate a positive feedback loop between physical material, mental perceptual frameworks and digital modeling”. The ultimate goal is carving a transcendental system for experiencing existence. An important part of this practice is to design an array of outputs for the processed mental material. Her outputs include performance, video, navigable virtual realms, images, recordings, sculpture installations and web pages.

Murphy’s new video “vehicle~corridor“ – featuring Music by Brenna Murphy on Sunbox synth designed by Birch Cooper – highlights her interest in both mental and aesthetic frameworks of humans from a distant epoch, whose observation expands the possible shapes in which we find ourselves, and for the study of “natural zones” where various natural systems mesh, such as in the suburban areas of the USA’s Pacific North-West.

Repeatedly watching “vehicle~corridor“ slowly gives way to an hypnotic effect similar to the state of shamanic trance. The flow of frames that make up this digital collage reflect on the key concept of Taoist philosophy, the substance that flows through all things and creates a plot in chaos, trying to unite equal but opposite principles. Murphy’s yin and yang seem to be the physical and the digital worlds that, rather than being two distinct realities, are simply two aspects of the same cosmic entity interacting through a series of labyrinthine structures of cognitive systems. Murphy’s mantra seems to be trying to find the physical in the digital and the digital in the physical. Art seems to be the vehicle to reach out to an answer, perhaps as simple as revealing that what really matters is a certain resonance residing in the negative space created by objects.